Why Quala

Streamline workflows and turbocharge success. All in a single workspace. All with Quala. 

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Enable Higher-Value Work

Our segmentation capabilities empower Customer Success Managers to prioritize their time on only the most important activities that move the needle. Our automated workflows and tasks will save time and allow them to save more moments for customers.

Enable Higher Value Work with Quala

Set Leading Indicators

You decide which quantitative and qualitative insights to focus on.


Create Customer Segments

Slice and dice customers by any criteria you like to create trackable groups.

Automate Workflows

Create processes, generate tasks, and track activities so you can scale the team.

Amplify the Voice of CSMs

With our lightening-fast qualitative assessments, we amplify the voice of those closest to your customers — Customer Success Managers. We turn qualitative sentiment into quantitative data that delivers richer health scores and uncovers deeper insights. 

Amplify the Voice of CMS with Quala

Customize Qualitative Assessments

Choose key questions for Customer Success Managers to answer for a richer view of health.

Track and Normalize Sentiment Data

Set questions and ratings to standardize the qualitative insights coming in from your CSMs.

View Your Customer Health Trends

View changes in health over time and create workflows to keep everyone on the right track.

Improve Team Efficiency with Scalable Workflows 

Proactively identify growth opportunities based on key trackable behaviors and task Customer Success Managers with follow-up. With more direction, power, and insights delivered to CSMs — they will be the heroes in closing the margin gap.

Set Key Behaviors

You decide which leading indicators to highlight to keep CSMs proactive.

Build Team Workflows

Insights are great, but operationalized workflows help teams scale better.

Track Opportunities

Use Quala to track, flag, and task CSMs with customers poised to upgrade.

Quala Benefits the
 Entire Team

CS Executives
Customer Success Managers
Admin and Ops Leaders

Need to Integrate?

We have an open API. Plus, our Quala Beacon is flexible and developer friendly, enabling powerful insights in Quala.

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