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Execute the right way at the right time, every time.

Quala triggers best-practice workflows to focus frontline teams on priority revenue opportunities.

Is the CSM reporting a new buyer transition? Has product usage changed?

Trigger workflows in Quala for onboarding, at-risk escalation, upsell and more.

With time-saving workflow templates, notifications, and email triggers, Quala keeps you a step ahead of every customer development.


Success Plans define your best practice steps for key customer situations: onboarding; at-risk outreach; upsell; renewal; and more. Start fast with our pre-built templates or create your own. As best practices evolve, get the whole team aligned simply by updating workflow steps.


Any data in Quala can trigger tasks or entire workflows. Common triggers include: customer-save workflows when health scores decline; product training or upsell workflows when key product features are used; pre-drafted Customer Success emails when login patterns change; and more.


Quala notifications keep you and key stakeholders up-to-date on important changes in customer behavior, workflow progress, renewal dates and more. No more digging through reports. Finally, customer intimacy at scale.

CSM Groups

Many teams with larger customer bases assign a group of CSMs to a set of customers, to engage as needed. Quala workflows and automation triggers smartly assign work to individual CSMs in the group and enable emails to be sent from a shared account.


Quala’s triggered email saves Customer Success Managers time while ensuring that customer communications are on-brand. Emails can be queued automatically by Quala data triggers, and customized by Customer Success Managers before they are sent.