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Data silos be gone.

Integrations with 50+ systems gives you a singular view of each customer, and allows you to spot trends across your customer base in aggregate or by segment.

With conversation data in context of customer metrics such as revenue, health score, and milestones, find critical customer signals through the noise.


Customer dashboards include product use, CRM data, customer emails, frontline assessments and more for each customer. See trending customer topics alongside customer health scores and revenue contribution. Quala integrations get all of the data in one place.


Quala integrates with top systems in one click, including: Salesforce, Segment, Gmail, Office 365, and more. Our breakthrough API tracks product usage and data from other key systems, with only 1-2 hours of engineering time needed.


Customer segments or cohorts can be created based on a range of traits such as customer data, selling channel, and CS team. Workflows, automation triggers, and reporting can all be segment-specific. Segments auto-update as customer behavior changes over time.


Quala’s qualitative assessments capture and organize expert frontline feedback. Define questions of interest, such as likelihood to retain or interest in a new feature. Normalize input with ratings criteria and track changes over time.


Milestones track the before and after impact of key events with customers and within your business. Log milestones to assess the impact of new Customer Success initiatives, product updates, marketing, and more. Now, you can see how your choices impact the business.