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Frontline Intelligence makes messy data actionable.

Quala mines qualitative data streams such as email, calls, and CRM notes to quantify what customers say and teams hear.

That gives you insights to inform product roadmaps and customer experience strategies. And insights to trigger workflows so you can better serve, retain and upsell individual customers.

Customer signals from multiple channels all together.

Quala uniquely tracks what customers are saying, what the team is observing, and what customers are doing in your product.

Integrations with top systems and our powerful API get contact, conversation, and product data in one place. Our Assessments organize frontline input to make it actionable.

No more insight lost in spreadsheets, CRM notes, or left to anecdote.

Intelligence for customer strategies and roadmaps.

Quala mines frontline data to quantify feature needs, issue prevalence, and more to inform product roadmaps and customer strategies.

Frontline data also powers health scores and other leading indicators to trigger fully-informed customer actions.

Now, you can address the drivers of conversion, retention, and revenue growth. And better serve individual customers.

Quala gives us data to better measure what customers are telling us so we can get even more value to them. We use this information to further enhance the product and help our customers achieve new heights.

Alerts, workflows, and email triggered by data.

Quala brings everyone on the team closer to customers with notifications based on topics of interest in customer conversations, changes in customer situations, and more.

For Customer Success leaders, our Frontline Intelligence Plus plan also includes triggered best-practice workflows to focus the team on priority upsell and retention opportunities, as well as triggered-email to save the team time.

Dozens of integrations.

Quala integrates with 50+ systems. We measure customer onboarding in days, not weeks.

Most customers connect a CRM for core customer context, plus multi-channel conversation streams from email, chat, and calls.

Available integrations include: conversation streams; CRMs; ticketing; data warehouses; customer data platforms; survey tools; and more. Optionally, our powerful API takes care of loose ends including product usage tracking.

Integrations with 50+ systems, including:


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