$125 per human/month

up to 3 humans

For the small, lean Customer Success team that wants a simple-to-implement solution.

Key Features Include:

Quala Beacon

Customer behavior tracking that installs in minutes

Quala Assessments

CSM reported customer renewability ratings

Quala Milestones

Key event tracking uncovers the effects on health

Smart Health Scoring

Qualitative, quantitative view of customer health

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30 Day Trial
*Max of 1,000 trackable events/month


$195 per human/month

up to 10 humans

For the poised-to-scale Customer Success team looking for a solution that’s easy-to-adopt.

All Start Features Plus:

Quala Automations

Automated actions and alerts drive efficiency

Lifecycle Management

Customizable customer stages and experiences

Salesforce Integration

Quala talks to Salesforce, pulling in helpful data

Segment integration

Quala talks to Segment for faster integration

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30 Day Trial
*Max of 1,000,000 trackable events/month


$300 per human/month

minimum of 3 humans

For growth-stage Customer Success teams that require max workflow flexibility and efficiency.

All Scale Features Plus:

Customizable Assessments

We’ll uncover your leading renewal indicators for Quala

Flexible Health Scores

Set weights, ratios according to different segments

Additional Integrations

Tell us what critical platforms Quala must talk to

Guided Onboarding and Dedicated Support

Quala is here to walk you through everything

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30 Day Trial
*Unlimited trackable events/month

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