One Quala Fits All 

Quala grants unlimited read-only seats for the entire organization. Because customer insights are for everyone.

…and lots more.

As low as



(Based of number of seats)

Reach out for additional pricing that’s specific to your team size.

Leaders Love Quala 

"Quala enables higher-value work by improving Customer Success efficiency. In fact, it paid for itself in less than two quarters by putting those hours back in our day."
Nadya Collins
Chief Customer Officer at ThankView

Trusted by growing SaaS leaders.

Some things to know…

What’s different about Quala?

Quala is the only Customer Success Platform that tracks usage, amplifies the voice of the CSMs, and drives workflow efficiencies.

Why can’t I just use my CRM?

Lol. CRMs are great — just not for CS teams. Their complex dashboards and one-dimensional health scores are unsustainable.

What’s the launch timeline?

For some customers it takes a few hours, others a few weeks. It’s so simple — you can control the timeline. 

Which CS teams love Quala?

All kinds. CSMs on Quala manage anywhere from 15 to 4,500 customers each. Sounds impossible? We beg to differ.