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Intelligence Features

Hard decisions, a lot easier with hard data.

Quala’s powerful data mining capabilities instantly reveal insights from qualitative data that would otherwise take days or weeks to assemble.

What product use cases do your highest-value customers need solved?

Which customers are ready for an upsell? Who’s at-risk? It’s all there in Quala.

Topic Trends

Quala mines customer emails, CRM notes, and Quala notes for keywords of interest. Track features, issues, and more. Mentions are trended in aggregate, by customer, and by revenue contribution. Now, you have data to inform product roadmaps and customer strategies.


Quala monitors keywords at a per-customer level that signal retention risk, upsell opportunity, or service needs. Schedule follow-up tasks based on specific keyword mentions to keep the team a step ahead of customer needs.

Health Score

Quala’a fully-customizable health score combines quantitative data with frontline qualitative insights. That provides a rich, contextually accurate customer health score that ensures the right activities for the right customers.


Quala organizes renewals by risk cohort to quantify overall dollar retention risk and identify the customers driving risk. Filter by CSM, team, segment, product, and more. Now you can surface potential risk sooner, strengthen your renewals pipeline, and prioritize team efforts.


From C-suite to CSMs, track customer progress such as product use, health score, topic trends, and frontline input. Slice data by segment, CSM team, milestones, and more to identify hotspots and find growth opportunities.