Learn how events affect customer behavior and sentiment.

What are milestones?

Milestones are important events that might affect a customer’s use of your product or perception of your company.

There are two kinds of milestones: company-wide, like pricing changes or new feature launches, and customer-specific, like a new account manager or an upgrade to a different plan.

Why use milestones?

Milestones help you understand why changes in customer behavior or sentiment happen. A price increase might cause some customers to be less likely to renew whereas a new feature or a redesign might drive up perceived value of your product.

Milestones take the guesswork out of understanding behavior by eliminating variables and creating benchmarks for understanding trends.

How does it work?

Company-wide milestones can be created from the feed on the All Customers screen. Customer-specific milestones can be created from any customer’s feed. They will appear in the feed based on their effective date. (If you’ve set one to have an effective date in the future, you won’t see it appear in the feed until then.)

You’ll also see milestone markers under the chart on each behavior or assessment’s detail page. A list of milestones for the time scale you’ve selected appears to the right of the chart with those milestones’ details including their effective date and description.

You can also hover over a milestone marker to see that milestone’s title appear right on the chart.

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