Track the things that really indicate renewal.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a personal judgement of customer sentiment or how a customer relationship is going, usually done by a CS or account manager after meeting with a customer. Assessment metrics are characteristics of a customer or relationship — like how likely they are to renew, how much value they’re getting from your product, or the strength of your relationship with them — that aren’t easily quantified.

Why track this stuff?

Humans are great at reading emotions and situations. Machines aren’t. CSMs can understand a lot about a customer, their health, and their likeliness to renew (or churn) based on things like the tone of their voice, the context of the situation, the intricacies of their history, and the strength of their relationship.

This might be what you’d call “gut instinct” but is actually the knowledge gained from a lifetime of experiences. And it’s invaluable—especially when it comes to your customers.

When paired with behavioral data and milestones, you get a really complete picture of what decisions your customer is making, why they’re making them, and what adjustments you can make to affect change (or keep things on track).

How does it work?

Four assessment metrics are included with Quala:

  1. a CSM’s personal assessment of how likely the customer is to renew
  2. how much value they’re getting from your product
  3. the strength of the relationship between CSM and customer is
  4. the tone of their communications

Based on our research, these are the key metrics we’ve found to play a role in understanding the health of a customer. You can use them as is, edit them, or create your own.

Quala lets you measure each metric on a scale of one through five. You can define each step of the scale so everyone knows exactly what each rating means.

Assessments can be done as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. Assessments are “current” until you change them. Each time you assess a customer, it affects their health score.

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