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Dan Perrera

Dan Perrera

Find Customers Fast on Quala

When we started building Quala, we thought it might be used by companies with just a few dozen customers. That’s turning out to not be the case. If you have a few hundred customers, you might find it difficult to track down exactly who you’re looking for.

Today, we’re happy to announce that customer search is now a top-level feature. In the app, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon in the main navigation bar, right next to settings (if you’re an admin) or your avatar (if you’re not an admin).

Click the magnifying glass to open a search box. Start typing the name of the customer you’re looking for and you’ll see the full customer list immediately start narrowing down. Select a customer from the list and you’ll jump right to their page, no matter where you are in the app or what filters you have applied.

If you’re into keyboard shortcuts, hit cmd+shift+f from anywhere in the app to open the search modal.

The new search experience.

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