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Company News What’s Next? Announcing Our $4 Million Seed Round

Jonathan Tushman Jun 22, 2021

Today Quala is celebrating its third anniversary, and we have exciting news: We just raised a $4 Million seed round led by Underscore VC. Now, we want to share with you what’s next.

It’s Time for Better, Faster Customer Success Tech

That’s right. We have a lot of CS tech out there, but it’s not great. Here are three reasons we believe it’s time for the next-gen of CS tech to take center stage:

1. B2B SaaS is undergoing a sea change.
After exiting one of the most chaotic years in modern memory, leaders have learned that they can’t rely on new business to power growth. Realizing how much revenue is driven by existing customers — companies are now investing more in tech for scaling CS teams. As the beating heart of many organizations, providing CS with a better way to proactively address customer needs turns good companies into great ones.

2. CS insights directly power company growth.
CSMs typically spend 80% of their week interacting with customers. They’re known for accumulating massive amounts of qualitative insights from their conversations. And yet, these insights go wasted in spreadsheets, CRMs, and complex Customer Success Platforms (CSPs). Historically, CS tech has struggled to keep up with the qualitative, human aspects of customer success and what it means for the customer health score.

3. Current CS tech is clunky, chaotic, and complex.
Deploying and maintaining today’s CS tech can be a massive drain on product, engineering, and CS teams. We know this from personal experience. What’s more, customer health scores are unreliable and overly complicated because they do not embrace the point-of-view of those closest to customers — customer success managers — along with customer usage metrics.

A Faster, Simpler, More Powerful Solution

We’re big believers in fast, simple, and powerful tech, but we don’t feel that exists in the CS space. Here’s what we’re doing about it: We’re making Quala everything we wish we had.

We believe Quala is a more effective way of building a single source of customer truth. By capturing critical qualitative insights from customer success managers, called “CSM Sentiment,” and combining those insights with usage metrics for a richer view of customer health — teams can leverage those insights to create customer experiences that scale.

We have so much to do. First, we want to take a moment to pause and show our gratitude for our customers and our community.

Building a World-Class Product is Top Priority

We’d love to show you the latest — success plans, CRM integration improvements, our brand new UI, and more for those of you we haven’t connected with recently.

Building a World-Class Product

With the additional capital, we’re ratcheting up our investment in the Quala product, which serves as the foundation for exceptional CX.

As a startup in a competitive space, we have two development tracks now: competitive value and differentiation value. Both of which are being developed in parallel with our increased investment in product and engineering talent.

1. Connecting Teams
In addition to our collaboration features which allow teams to share customer insights across the organization — we allow any team member to join Quala for free with view-only insights to keep everyone in the know.

connecting teams

2. Scalable Workflow Automations
On top of backend workflows that keep CSMs proactive, teams can now build email marketing automation flows directly in Quala. In keeping with our human-first approach, CSMs can review, edit, and execute on emails before they go out.

scalable workflow automations

3. Addressing Your Top Requests
We’re excited to finally build some of our customers’ top requested features — including more integrations, customizable health scores, and strategic reporting suites. There’s no limit to what’s possible.

We’re Building an Amazing Company

We took time at the beginning of 2021 to set clear values and intentions for ourselves. On the values front, we collaborated on five: Hear Every Voice, Go for Big Things, Show Up, Best Speed, and Enjoy the Ride. These values remind us every day that we want to do amazing things together.

We’re also growing our team. We’re building Quala leadership that will power this next chapter, including the addition of:

  • Amos Wasgatt: Head of Sales — Formerly VP of Sales at LogRocket
  • Laura Lu: Head of Engineering — Formerly VP Platform Engineering at CarGurus
  • Head of Marketing: Learn more about this role on LinkedIn

A HUGE Thank You from All of Us!

We couldn’t be more excited about our amazing customers and this new round of investment from our friends at Underscore VC.

As we build a product that delights, a marketing message that inspires, and a community of CS leaders that brings people together — we’d love to have you on our journey.

To see the latest tech or learn more about us, schedule a time to connect.