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Dan Perrera

Dan Perrera

Quala 3.0 is Here

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completely redesigned the Quala experience to be simpler than ever. We reorganized the entire app to make it easier to focus on your customer relationships. There’s a stronger emphasis on content, and options that were tucked away in menus are now right where you can see them.

Below is a rundown of what’s new and improved.

Simpler Navigation

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the main navigation bar has been streamlined. We’ve removed the Milestones section (you can now manage milestones from the Customers section) and, if you’re an admin, you’ll now see a gear icon in place of the word account. Use the Quala logo or your company name on the left to navigate to the customers section.

The simpler navigation bar.


You’ll notice some tweaks to individual customer pages, like a slimmer profile block, a more scannable (and filterable) feed, and a new data tab that houses both assessment and behavior data.

Buttons to make an assessment (chat icon), write a note (pencil), and create a milestone (pin) are right at the top of the feed, and the ability to update a customer’s stage, renewal date, and important contacts are now one click away instead of two.

All Customers

One of the biggest overhauls we made is the All Customers screen. We’ve added way more utility by aligning it with the rest of the customers section. Now, you’ll see a feed of all customer activity (or just the customers you’ve selected in the sidebar), and a more organized, more helpful data section.

The brand new All Customers feed and profile.

The completely redesigned data section.

Milestone Management

We’ve moved company-wide milestones into the new All Customers feed. Use the pin icon at the top of the feed to create new ones, then filter the feed by milestone to view all of them, edit, or delete them.

Customer List

Now there are even more ways to get to the exact data you want. In addition to filtering customers by the stage they’re in, you can now filter by manager and see tallied data for any team member’s customers.


Subscribe to any customer to be notified when something changes. On any customer page, click the bell icon next to their name. Updates will appear in your Notifications sidebar.

Robust Settings

We’ve replaced contextual settings with a dedicated section to configure (pretty much) everything in the app. If you’re an admin, you’ll be able to invite and manage team members, adjust permissions, edit and reorder lifecycle stages, manage assessment metrics and ratings definitions, decide which behaviors from your product appear in Quala (and what they’re called), and add and edit customer details like names, descriptions, and managers. Developers can see a log of events to ensure your app and Quala are connected properly.


In the Stages, Assessments, and Behaviors sections, use the handles on the left side of the list to change the order items are displayed across the app.

Deactivating and Reactivating

In all sections, select Edit at the top of the list, then use the switches to activate or deactivate team members, stages, assessment metrics, behaviors, and customers.

Better Onboarding

Not sure where to start? Head to the Getting Started section in Settings. There, you’ll find a list of suggestions of what to do first, second, third, and fourth to have the best Quala experience possible.

Redesigned Profile

It’s now easier than ever to edit your name, email, and password. Plus, new controls for customers you’re managing and subscribed to make it easy to see what’s in your domain.

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