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Article The Top 8 Best Product Management Podcasts

Lauren Sickel Mar 31, 2022

As product management continues to evolve in every industry, you need to stay up to date with changes in the field to keep your skills sharp. Podcasts are a great way for product managers to keep up with new developments, trends, and helpful information. On average, people listen to eight podcasts a week, and there are thousands from which to choose. This medium is great because you can listen on your commute, during your workday, or any other time it’s convenient, and you don’t have to take away from your productivity.

Not all podcasts are similar in the information they cover and how they present it. Some hosts do better research, some are more entertaining, and some are true experts in the field. Here are some of the best product management podcasts available to help you in your job.

The Top 8 Product Management Podcasts

best product management podcasts

1. The Product Bakery Podcast

This show is hosted by Christian Strunk, a Product Coach, and Alex Dapunt, a Design Manager, who interview people from all facets of product management. If you’re looking for in-depth coverage of a wide variety of topics from product design to user experience, this is the podcast for you.

Since both hosts have experience in product management, they can speak to multiple challenges and opportunities in the field. Past episodes have covered how to successfully work with designers and a comparison of different product management strategies.

2. Inside Intercom

This popular product management podcast is hosted by professionals from Intercom. It offers valuable insights and information for product managers at companies of all sizes. The show features episodes covering how to find your momentum during a project lull alongside interviews with various experts in the field.

Inside Intercom is well-produced, with hosts and interviewers who engage their guests and offer their own perspectives on each topic. Listen to it to find inspiration for new projects or the confidence to do things differently in your own career.

3. Product Hunt Radio

If you are looking for insights into how factors of product management might impact your job, tune into Product Hunt Radio. Hosted by Ryan Hoover and Abadesi Osunade, this podcast features interviews with professionals, journalists, and experts in product management.

The hosts opted for a conversational style rather than sticking with a robotic Q&A format. Each interview is clear-cut and structured, but there is room for guests to wander into other topics as they come up. Through these interviews, you will gain insight into multiple topics that impact your industry.

4. Product Love

Whether you’re new to product management and want to learn from the experts, or you’ve been in product management for a while and want access to new insights from fellow managers, this podcast covers it for you. It is hosted by Pendo co-Founder Eric Boduch, who interviews leaders from large and small businesses across the industry. It offers product managers at all levels tidbits that might take years to learn on the job or from a mentor.

best product management podcasts

5. Rocketship.fm

Rocketship.fm has been around for nearly a decade and offers over 500 episodes of content. There is a reason this show has stuck around. It’s well-researched and covers other facets of entrepreneurship alongside product management.

One thing that makes this show stand out is its willingness to cover topics that aren’t necessarily positive but that impact professionals at most levels. There are episodes about failed products, imposter syndrome, and ineffective processes. These topics can help you learn from your own failures and use them to your advantage.

6. This Is Product Management

If you’re looking for product management information that spans multiple industries, check out This is Product Management. It features in-depth interviews with people in different facets of business covering interesting business topics that can help you become a better product manager.

The host generally lets each guest talk to their strengths, guiding them through the interview without interjecting a lot of personal information. Wherever you fall in product management, each episode covers something that can help you.

7. This Week in Tech

Keep an eye on what is happening in your field by subscribing to This Week in Tech. Every Sunday, host Leo Laporte covers the week’s current events in the tech industry. As a product manager, this show will help you keep up with trends and other happenings in your field that could trickle into your job.

This show is entertaining and conversational and features a variety of panelists from all over tech. Along with tech news, panelists talk about new products and various product features of everything ranging from computer chips to programs and smartphones. It can help give you insight into how real-world customers think about the products you’re designing.

8. Masters of Scale

If you’re into creative storytelling and podcasts that sound more like a radio show, check out Masters of Scale. Hosted by Reid Hoffman, this show brings Silicon Valley to your favorite podcast app, sharing stories of successful companies along with sound advice for daily product management.

Masters of Scale also offers Rapid Response episodes that delve into how current events might impact your projects. Previous episodes have covered everything from microchip shortages to how a product manager appeals to the newest generation of adults.

Subscribe to Your Favorites for Regular Insights

There are plenty of other business- and tech-related podcasts you can listen to when you want to know what’s going on in your field. These are highly rated by listeners and offer tidbits of information that can be used by most listeners.

Check out a few episodes to find the show that’s right for you, and click subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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