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Quala Roundup Quala Roundup: Q1 '22 – Topics: Filter, Subscribe, Pin, and More

Jenna Kluger Apr 4, 2022

The Quala team has been busy this quarter making significant enhancements to our Topics capabilities. These updates are focused on helping teams make customer-led business decisions faster.

Read on to learn more about the latest in Quala!

Topics: Filter, subscribe, pin and more

Product Roundup – Instances Tab

Filter Customers

On your Topics dashboard and on every Topic you can now filter the customers you want to include or exclude from your view. This feature is incredibly valuable for exploring your data by customer segments such as revenue, health score, subscription type, and more.

For example, you can now answer questions like “Which customers are experiencing product issues? Do they tend to be higher value customers or lower value customers? What proportion of these customers are at-risk?”

Our filtering capability allows you to explore different cohorts of your customer data to better understand customer needs and make more informed decisions.

Subscribe to a Topic

Now, you can “subscribe” to any topic for real time notifications whenever your topic is mentioned in a customer conversation or in a note from any channel.

You can set your subscription notification daily, weekly or monthly so you get the information you need when it will be most helpful to you.

Organize and Pin Instances

An instance in Quala is any piece of qualitative data – such a note, email, call, ticket, etc. – that mentions your Topic. It might be an email exchange with a customer, an internal note from a customer conversation, or a ticket logged about a feature request. Instances can provide valuable evidence in understanding the context of how your topic is being discussed, who is discussing it, and why.

Our revamped instances tab provides a new way to organize and visualize this contextual and qualitative evidence. Users can create curated evidence boards by “pinning” the most pertinent instances to the main view.

This new functionality allows teams to get the most important conversations and notes from all the sources that matter in one place, identify the right customers to reach out to, and build a compelling case for product initiatives.

New and Improved Notes

Logging notes in Quala is a whole new experience. There’s now a dedicated page in Quala to draft your note and more robust text editing capabilities like headers, sub-headers and sub bullets so you can capture the most important details from your customer interactions.