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Quala Roundup Quala Roundup: July 2021 – Customer Summaries, Automated Success Plans, and More

Dan Perrera Aug 5, 2021

In our latest edition of Quala Roundup, we highlight the biggest features released last month and share how you can leverage them to power your customer success efforts. July was all about delivering efficiency and focus for CSMs.

Customer Summary

customer summary

Ever want to know what’s going on with a particular customer? Now you can see all the latest data, assessments, notes, and tasks on their new summary page.

For CSMs – this will give you all of the context you need before you get in touch with a customer. For Executives – get your questions answered quickly, without having to coordinate a meeting or ping your team for updates.

Apply Success Plans via Automations


From the moment we released Success Plans, the requests poured in to be able to enroll customers in plans automatically. So, we introduced a new “Apply Success Plan” Action which is available in both Automations and Success Plans. Now you can create powerful workflows driven by Success Plans for your whole customer journey.

New Automation Conditions

Date Trait Condition

Everyone knows that the most important date is Renewal Date. That’s why we’ve had an automation condition for “Days until renewal” since we introduced automations. Now, you can do the same thing for any Date Trait in Quala.

Behavior to Trait Comparison

behavior to trait

The Behavior to Trait Comparison condition will measure the value of a behavior and compare it to the value of a trait for that customer. For instance, you might build an automation that says “If Total Users (a behavior) is greater than Licensed Users (a trait), create a Task…”

Behavior by Value

Sometimes you might want to measure movement of a behavior to itself. For instance, “If Campaigns Sent is less than it was 30 days ago, apply the Campaign Rescue Success Plan”. This condition is particularly powerful if you’re pulling in data from a CRM integration like Salesforce or HubSpot and making use of Trait History to turn Traits into Behaviors.

Email Signatures

email signatures

For those of you who are taking advantage of Quala’s Email Automations, each CSM can now have their own email signature image. They can set it up in their profile by uploading an image of their company signature. Quala gives you the choice to include it in email drafts and the CSM has the option to turn it off before they send if they’re looking for a more personal touch. This is an easy way to stay on brand while using Quala to communicate to your customers.

Cohorts in Customer Filters

customer filters

Until now, Customer Cohorts were solely used in Automations but we have big ambitions for Customer Cohorts. These dynamic customer groups are an extremely powerful way to model your customers in Quala. Now, when you add a Customer Cohort they will show up in your customer filters for your whole team to see, making it easier than ever to focus on key customers.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Various task fixes
  • Fix for showing closed success plans as in progress
  • Fix for updating traits
  • Chart data performance improvements
  • Customer-specific bugs