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Quala Roundup Quala Roundup: December 2021 – Topics, Retention, and More

Jenna Kluger Dec 17, 2021

The Quala team has been hard at work in November and December building even more exciting features for our customers. The most recent updates are all about empowering Customer Success teams to show the value of their work and drive business strategy.


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We are so energized about our new Topics feature that quantifies what frontline teams hear from customers to drive better business decisions and enable customer-centricity.

Topics mines notes, emails, conversations from interactions with your customers using keywords to provide data-backed answers to questions like “Which customers are talking about our competitors?” OR “Should we build this feature or that feature next?” OR “Where are the upsell opportunities in our customer base?”



We created a brand new way to organize and visualize upcoming renewals in Quala.

CSMs can leverage this feature to prioritize their time on the customers that matter most and expose potential blind spots to get ahead of risk sooner.

For CS leaders and executives, Retention provides better visibility into renewal data for stronger forecasting and reporting.

Book of Business

Each CSM now has a unique view in Quala with their customers so they can more easily manage their book of business. CSMs can apply filters to this view to hone in on specific groups of customers and also see the impact of their efforts.

New Email Capabilities

Our new email feature allows you to send an email to whichever customer you want, whenever you want – right from the customer profile.

Just got off a customer call and want to send a quick follow-up with action items? Now you can without having to leave Quala.

Date Segmentation

We’ve added the ability to create segments for a date trait with a specific date range. Now you can more closely measure the lifecycle of a customer and identify where to focus efforts.

Behavior Value Variation

We’ve made this existing behavior condition more flexible and customizable by allowing you to define either a percentage or a numerical change compared to over any time frame.