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Article Must-Have Product Manager Tools for B2B SaaS Growth

Jenna Kluger Apr 19, 2022

Product development isn't easy, but product manager tools help B2B SaaS companies speedily choose and transform their foremost ideas into products. Using them improves transparency and insight for product managers, teams, stakeholders, and executives. The best product manager tools enable high productivity, providing the most cost-effective solution for the ideation, planning, and creation of updates or new products.

Idea management software facilitates data collection and analysis for existing products revealing customer needs that spark ideas for new creations. Roadmapping the envisioned products help you develop, organize, and communicate strategy — the why driving your plan and the product objectives.

After you’ve obtained roadmap approval, the best product management tools help to break the strategy down into tasks so you can assign them to the people who will build the product visualized in the ideation stage.

Product management software has many similarities with project management tools. The principal difference is that project management emphasizes general project completion while product management focuses on building complex products utilizing diverse ideas generated by feedback.

Some product management tools offer a complete feature set, while others integrate with tools like Slack. No single product manager tool is best at performing all the needed tasks. Still, you can combine tools with building a tech stack that will streamline the product lifecycle — ideation, planning, development, launch, and evaluation.

Your Product Manager Tech Stack

These product manager tool features become essential when cost-effectively working with fast release cycles:

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Gathering continuous feedback

  • Roadmapping

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Sorting tasks into critical and non-critical baskets

  • Allocating resources

  • Sprint planning

  • Tracking progress and allowing for timeline changes

  • User testing and bug tracking

The best software product manager tools for your business depends on your team size and budget.

Quala.io — Frontline Intelligence and Ideation

Every Product Manager knows there is no shortage of ideas on what to build next. The trouble is sorting through all of the inputs to understand what’s most important to customers and aligning key stakeholders like Sales, Support, and Customer Success to the plan.

Quala is always listening to every customer conversation across every channel. This software then measures use-case mentions, all with revenue context, to provide important data to help Product Managers prioritize product work.

Even better, Product Managers can pull verbatims from email, calls, CRM notes, tickets, and more from one place to better understand customer needs and define requirements. It even mines UX research notes.

You can quickly and easily uncover essential realities about your customers’ needs and discover what to create next or why customers aren’t using features.

Quala Features and Benefits

  • Monitor multiple channels: Calls, emails, CRM notes, tickets, and more

  • Automatic: Collects data automatically

  • Keyword tracking: Track keywords to assess need

  • Context: Tie need to value by tracking customer and revenue

  • Integrate: Works with 50+ always-on tools

  • Evidence board: Save and share top verbatims

  • Notifications: New topic mention alerts across channels

Quala Price

Free 30-day trial. Choose between two paid plans.

Airfocus — Modular Product Creation that Adapts to You

Airfocus is a highly effective roadmapping tool that allows you to choose the product management tools you need and eliminate those you don’t use. This means no more distractions from unnecessary features on an overloaded platform.

Modular construction lets you design the product strategy stack you need block by block using native Airfocus apps. What’s more, workspaces organize your team, product, or unit.

You can use views, fields, apps, and integrations to build a product manager tool that works for you. This also includes custom views that enable you to visualize data in the best way possible.

Airfocus Features and Benefits

  • Roadmaps: Keep teams aligned with clear directions

  • Prioritization: Custom priorities maximize efforts

  • Releases: Strategy executed in timeline view

  • Modularity: Combine the tools you need in a flexible arrangement

  • Integrations: 2000+ through Zapier

Airfocus Pricing

Free 14-day trial. Four paid plans, starting at $15/editor/month.

Craft.io — Prioritize Using Best-Practice Methodologies

Craft.io is a collaborative, transparent workspace for roadmap planning. This software helps you share roadmap views, and workflows across teams to increase alignment and accountability. With different best practice models — WSJF, RICE, and MoSCoW — baked in, Craft.io eliminates the need for spreadsheet formulas.

Unlimited custom fields and self-scoring for items give you the utmost flexibility for mapping priorities and assessing product features. Plus, it’s easy to build multiple frameworks to evaluate data from different viewpoints.

Craft.io Features and Benefits

  • Roadmapping: Powerful, transparent views keep everyone up-to-date

  • Strategic inputs: Document product strategy

  • Prioritization engine: Use best-practice methodologies with confidence

  • Spec editor: Create detailed project specs

  • Capacity planning: Resource management in real-time

  • Security: Uses the strictest security standards

Craft.io Pricing

Free 30-day trial. Three paid plans starting at $39/month/user.

Slack — Communication and Collaboration

Slack is fast, easy to use, and loaded with hundreds of bots and apps that extend functionality and can significantly improve employee productivity. If you can text, you can start using Slack to message team members in your company or stakeholders in any organization using it.

The interface is sleek, streamlined, and powerful. Slack’s ease of use makes it a real-time saver for smaller teams, while large organizations will appreciate its high-end features and excellent security.

Slack Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive interface: So user-friendly that training isn’t needed

  • Channels: Create spaces for conversations, people, and tools

  • Connect: Collaborate with teams at other organizations

  • Messaging: Chat gives team members fast communications

  • Voice and video calls: Share more information faster with one-click calls

  • Accessibility: Everyone can use slack in the best way for them

  • Apps and integrations: Over 2,200 that let you connect to whatever you use

  • Workflow builder: Automates routine activities and communications

  • Search: Find messages fast

  • File sharing: Gets the correct information to the right people

Slack Pricing

Free tier. Paid plans start at $6.67/month billed annually.

Start Your Tech Stack Right

Quala is always listening to every channel to discover how often use-cases and features come up with revenue context. You get timely, accurate, and qualitative data gathered from your customers and frontline teams to spark deep insights and power spot-on ideation. To begin streamlining product management productivity at every stage, start your free Quala trial today.