Justin Veri Encourages Leaders to "Always Be Gauging"
Sonciary Perez

Sonciary Perez

Justin Veri Encourages Leaders to “Always Be Gauging”

Justin Veri is building a brand new Customer Success team from scratch and he’s loving it.

What happens when you join a company as the very first Customer Success lead? That’s the experience Justin Veri is living at Cardiologs, a health tech startup that’s democratizing expert cardiac care.

Beginning in May of 2019, Justin became Cardiologs very first Customer Success Manager with the goal of understanding the ins and outs of the customer experience before leading as the head of CS. Now, he’s recruiting and building a new team focused on optimizing every part of the customer journey while staying close to customers at every step.

As an emerging Customer Success leader, Justin knows first hand the pressure of feeling like you need to have all of the answers all of the time. But as we’re learning — it’s less about knowing the answers than knowing where to find them. That’s why he’s built a strong network of peers that support one another. It’s one he’s been carefully tending to since his days at AthenaHealth back in 2012.

To new and well-established Customer Success leaders, Justin offers some advice: “Always be gauging.” It’s a phrase he coined at AthenaHealth as a Senior Manager of Customer Success. It’s something that he still focuses on today.  

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We hope you enjoy this exchange between Justin and me where we get to ask him why he loves customer success, how remote work has changed his relationships with customers, and yes — building a new team from scratch.

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Show Notes

Here are Justin’s top three resources for CS leaders just starting out:

  1. HubSpot Customer Success Program
  2. Retently’s CS Metrics Comparison
  3. CB Insights’ Stories of Failure

To learn more about Cardiologs, check out their website at cardiologs.com

To find Justin, email him at Justin [at] cardiologs [dot] com or connect with him on LinkedIn and let him know you enjoyed the conversation! 

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