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Dan Perrera

Dan Perrera

Introducing Customizable Customer Health Scores

Since we introduced the last iteration of our health score, we’ve been listening to and working with our community to improve Quala’s customer health scoring offering. We’re excited to tell you about our latest upgrades.

Create, Weight, and Iterate

customizable health scores

Do you have a perfectly configured customer health score? Probably not, but it’s OK.

While we’re all iterating as we go — there are some basic building blocks for scoring success. Customer health scores should be:

  1. Flexible enough to embrace the complexity of your business
  2. Easy to configure and operationalize
  3. Reliable measurements of success

With Quala, it takes minutes – literally – to build your health score, add or remove factors, and weigh them appropriately.

What’s more, you can embrace both qualitative and quantitative success factors for a true read on customer health. First, choose from any of your Assessments (qualitative insights from your team) or Behaviors (customer data brought in from your product) to build a health score that’s perfectly tuned for your team.

Why It Matters

At Quala we believe that quantifying the unmeasurable gut feelings, intuitions, and soft signals from CSMs and their customers is critical for high-impact companies.

While Assessments are a surprisingly accurate way to quickly generate a reliable health score, they must be blended with usage for a balanced view of health.

That’s why we introduced a health score that blends qualitative and quantitative data sets that’s also fully configurable to meet your needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Customer Health Score

With a more tuned health score, you’ll be able to project future renewal and churn, proactively react to customer needs, and supercharge your team’s efficiency with more effective automations in Quala.

Talk to one of our health scoring experts and build your own score for free today.

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