How to Reconnect with Yourself and Customers
Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri

How to Reconnect with Yourself and Customers

To give you an extra boost of support, the Quala team is publishing a resources roundup each month to help you take your best steps as a leader and supporter of fellow humans at work (and at home).

This resource is an ongoing emotional intelligence toolkit with advice on professional growth, tips to improve performance, and resources to ensure strong team dynamics for every moment.

Connection Edition

There have been a lot of tough discussions happening in the business world these days. 

Everyone has their own personal relationships to these narratives. Some of you are responding by becoming more vocal. Others may prefer to be a bit more introspective and quiet. There’s no right or wrong response. But how do we take the guesswork out of how to communicate and connect with others? 

These quick tips can help you strengthen relationships in a world that otherwise feels divided.

First, find balance…

1. Increase positive emotions within yourself.

Working remotely is a new experience for many of us. By definition, we’re taking work home, and we are all learning how to redefine boundaries with our personal lives. Just as you take breaks from the computer at the office, it’s important to set aside time to clear your mind when WFH.

These tips from the Greater Good Institute at UC Berkeley will help you increase positive emotions within yourself,  throughout your day. Research shows that these tips can help with building resilience. 

2. Shape-shift fear into a deeper sense of empowerment.

When we’re scared, we struggle to look beyond ourselves — which can make the process of connecting with others more difficult.

The fear is understandable: many of us are facing new challenges due to the changing economy and cultural shifts. This resource from Harvard Business Review will help you learn emotional agility to approach every interaction with confidence.

3. Take small steps to step up.

If discussions regarding racial justice spark emotions within you, it’s important to honor those feelings. If you feel compelled to take action but aren’t sure how — say, you don’t have financial resources or time to donate at the moment — there are still small ways to participate gradually, without overextending yourself.

This resource, written by a corporate innovation consultant and Navy veteran shares simple yet impactful ways that anyone can make a positive difference in their everyday lives.

Next, be a force for others…

4. Learn to recognize the “glue work.”

Right now, a lot of people are stepping up to take on emotional labor. Historically, especially in the tech industry (for a whole host of reasons), this type of work has been unacknowledged, unseen, and unrewarded in the form of tangible promotions. “Glue” people are individuals who don’t necessarily fit the mold of a corporate hierarchy.

Now is the time to start seeing “glue work” — within yourself and across your workforce. We all need recognition for our talents, now more than ever, to feel our most empowered. This super-creative cartoon will help you learn to spot it.

5. Remember to express gratitude.

There’s a strong connection between gratitude and healthy work cultures. But when times get tough — when we need to hear “thank you” the most — it’s easy to forget.

We are more than our job titles, roles, and responsibilities. We are whole humans, engaging in a shared experience of navigating a difficult world. “Thank you” is one of the strongest forces at our disposal to create a better world around us.

6. Build empathy across the screen.

Physical distance is new to many of us who are used to sitting next to our colleagues at the office. This way of life, for many, is going to continue at least through the immediate future.

If you’re struggling to connect with others on an emotional level, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Here are some tactical exercises to break the ice across the screen and build stronger relationships.

Final Thoughts

Remember, no matter what, you’re not alone. Everyone is adapting to a new way of life right now. Some are struggling more than others. The pressure is on all of us these days — and it’s not anyone’s fault. Small steps are bigger than big wins.

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