How to Make “Change” Positive and Powerful
Sonciary Perez

Sonciary Perez

How to Make “Change” Positive and Powerful

Every month, we meet up on the last Friday of the month to talk shop — execs, managers, founders — anyone invested in the success of customers is welcome to join the conversation!

Humans of CS Community Hour

How to Make “Change” Positive and Powerful

Friday, July 31st at 12 PM ET

Change is an ongoing process. To make change positive and powerful — we need to understand the personal motivations and factors that lead to professional satisfaction in ourselves, our teams, and our customers. Want to learn how? Register for our next community hour!

Can’t attend? Register anyway! We’ll send you the recording. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Understand how you, your team, and your customers deal with change
  • Learn how it informs overall satisfaction in life and work
  • See what happens when teams and customers are dissatisfied
  • Learn the different types of motivations that drive us
  • Understand how to create a culture that makes change a positive thing
This topic will have particular interest to those of us in customer-facing roles and while our community, Humans of Customer Success, is focused mostly on CS-centric topics — everyone is welcome!

Our discussions will be led by Joshua Allen, an Organizational Behavioral Professor at Boston College. Joshua has more than a decade of experience as a marketer, customer development leader, and educator where he focuses on how humans connect and manage change.

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