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Company News Happy Holidays from Quala

Jonathan Tushman Dec 22, 2021

Hi friends,

Wow, what a year! I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful Quala customers and wish everyone a happy holiday, and a wonderful 2022.

It’s been a busy – hectic – exciting year for all of us. We’re thankful for our amazing customers – watching you grow, getting your feedback, and putting humans at the center of technology.

Your all-important feedback has us on an exciting journey here at Quala. We heard you loud and clear that you want a way to capture frontline insights to help drive internal strategy discussions – product roadmaps, customer experience decisions, and more. So we were thrilled to launch our new Topics functionality at the end of November that helps you do just that.

As we build on the first iteration of Topics, we are eager to continue getting your input to make these insights more and more helpful. We hope that in doing that, we equip you to deliver value for your whole book of business in addition to supporting the day-to-day operational execution of your customer success functions.

Our vision is to empower you to take all of the incredible insights and learnings from frontline teams and make them actionable for the whole business. We’re calling it “frontline intelligence”. We hope it will drive success both for your customers individually, as well as for your customers as a whole.

In a nutshell, it’s making sense of everything customers say, teams hear, and customers do to drive the business forward. We’ll share a lot more on this vision as we get into 2022.

I’m excited for the year ahead. In fact, I can’t wait. We have so much to do together and we are just getting started.

I hope you all are able to take some time to unplug, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends. Warm wishes for a great 2022 and thank you again for the journey together.

Jonathan Tushman
CEO and Co-Founder, Quala