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Grace Boboye Keeps Customer Success Proactive and Positive

Grace Boboye shares how she embraces the challenges of Customer Success. 

I met Grace Boboye on LinkedIn. She posted a story that resonated with me about dealing with customers and clients who you’re emotionally invested in—but you feel you’re not connecting with—so I reached out and asked to interview her for Humans of Customer Success. I’m happy to share her positive energy, and the commitment to her customers she brings to Customer Success!

Turning Good into Better

Grace Boboye is a Customer Success Executive at Crowdyvest, an impact-driven platform that connects its members to safe, secure, and trusted sponsorship opportunities.

A typical day for Grace is a combination of reactive tasks—like answering inquiries and support questions—and proactive work, such as reaching out to existing customers, following up on recent investments, sharing news about future opportunities, and encouraging platform adoption. She also spends about 10% of each day working on referrals.

“You don’t want to spend all your days responding to inquiries and complaints,” she says. “I always want to be more productive, so I reach out to people personally that we’ve solved issues for and say, ‘We’re so happy to have been able to solve your issue.’ In turn, they say how happy they are—and then I ask for a referral or a testimonial.”

When Customers Are Angry

Engaging with happy customers is easy, but it’s still important to engage with customers who are unhappy, upset, and angry. Grace has devised tactics to manage through those situations.

“When I first started my career, sometimes I would go and cry,” she says. “I didn’t like the fact that I was so emotional when a customer was upset. For me, the first step was realizing that the customer who is irritated and angry doesn’t always want to listen…they just want to get their issue solved.”

Grace’s strategy is to first let the customer know she’s taking their concern seriously and committing to keeping them informed, even if there is no immediate path to progress. “I take a deep breath, I start from the basics, and I let them know I’ve been in their shoes—and that I’m going to take quick action and do everything it takes to solve their issue.”

Even if Grace doesn’t have an immediate answer, she tells the customer she’ll get back to them within a specific timeframe. And then she does it. Says Grace, “Some of them end up becoming very reasonable and friendly later on.”

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White Glove Treatment for Premium Customers

For the most part, Crowdyvest makes sure all of its customers are being supported equally. Whether someone is investing $100, $1,000, or $10,000, everyone goes through the same onboarding system.

But there is one segment that gets added attention: the largest investors, who are in the “premium sponsor” category. “We recognized that some customers want to be treated differently,” Grace explains. “So we created a team that deals with premium sponsors.”

This team reaches out to the sponsors frequently via phone and email to let them know how much Crowdyvest loves and appreciates them, and offers to let them test upcoming new products. “They know that we’re always putting them first,” says Grace. “We involve them in the process, and make them feel like they’re part of creating something together with us.”

Quantifiable Data Gets the Human Touch

Though Grace’s CS approach is optimized for human happiness, her high-touch methods are rooted in Crowdyvest’s data-driven measurements. Metrics are captured on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, then reviewed constantly. Daily and weekly summary reports are pulled together to spot trends, and the whole team may be involved in improving the numbers.

If the number of inquiries per month has dropped, for example, the CS team will connect with Marketing to ask whether they might be able to push out more information. If the conversion rate is low, the CS team might reach out to the Product team to figure out how they can work together to implement new policies or develop new products that will help convert more prospects.

Recharging During a Stressful Day (or Week, or Month)

Always looking to the positive, Grace is happy that—while the COVID-19 pandemic is hard on everyone—she no longer has to commute to work. She’s able to use this found time to generate new ideas and work on personal goals.

Grace also makes sure to wrap up all loose ends by the end of the day so she can relax. “If a customer reaches out at 6 pm, I will try to resolve their issue so it doesn’t hang until the next day,” she says. To destress, she watches movies, listens to music, and hangs out with friends.

This schedule—work hard, use found time wisely, and relax at the end of the day—gives Grace the mental space to proactively design her life instead of always being in reaction mode.

Embrace the Challenge

Grace wasn’t always in Customer Success. It was a challenging path, but now she’s glad she’s there—and her experience informs her advice to others who are new to the field.

“I was placed in a CS group and it was not my first choice, but I learned to love it,” she says. “You get to see new issues every day, and you get new opportunities every day. Customer Success challenges your brain, and it challenges your personality. If you find yourself in a CS role, take some time to explore it—and once you’re done, make a purposeful decision.”

Listen, Watch and Join

Watch the full interview with Grace Boboye on YouTube or skip to specific questions that interest you by clicking the bookmarked timestamps in the video description.


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