sonci on CHURN.FM
Jenna Kluger

Jenna Kluger

Featured on CHURN.FM: How Frontline Intelligence Drives Company Growth

Quala Co-Founder Sonciary Perez was featured on CHURN.FM, the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every week, host Andrew Michael discusses how the world’s fastest-growing companies are tackling churn and using retention and engagement to fuel their growth.

Listen in as Sonciary explains what exactly Frontline Intelligence is, and how Quala helps Customer Success practitioners to be seen as customer intelligence leaders that drive growth within an organization.

Topics discussed:

  • What is Frontline Intelligence?
  • What to look out for when building a Customer Success team
  • Why Quala’s Product Marketing team comes from Sales and Customer Experience
  • Why even highly-engaged customers can unexpectedly churn

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