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Quala Roundup Customer-Led Growth Made Easy: Introducing Customer Summaries

Sonciary Pérez Jul 21, 2021

Real-time customer activities and insights in one concise view.

From the beginning of our journey building Quala, one question continues to come up time and time again – “what’s the latest with our customer, _____?” It feels like it shouldn’t be hard to answer, but typically customer information has been spread out through disparate systems, or sometimes a single person holds the context in their head.

To answer that question, we’re thrilled to announce our new customer summary view.

One View to Rule Them All

customer summaries

Now it couldn’t be faster or easier to get up to speed on exactly what’s happening with a customer. The new customer summaries are customizable and include things like:

  • Health Score Overviews
  • Top Usage Trends
  • Qualitative Data Insights
  • CSM Activity Details
  • …and more

This new view of your customers includes everything you need to get a complete understanding of them – how they’re using your product, the latest notes and qualitative assessments from your team, and even what needs to get done next.

Why It Matters

For CSMs, you’ll be able to quickly see everything you need to know before you meet with your customer. Instead of spending hours combing through usage reports and digging through old notes, important insights are surfaced for you and it only takes a few minutes to prepare for your meeting.

For the executives, customer summaries unlock key customer information in a way that is discoverable *and* explorable, without having to coordinate a meeting or ask your team for updates.

Ready to get more out of your customer data? Contact us for a live walkthrough today.