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Article Connecting Our Brand to Our Vision

Mike Redd Jan 31, 2022

It’s been a busy several months here at Quala bringing frontline intelligence to SaaS leaders. We have some exciting news to share.

Quala’s gone magenta.

Back in the fall, we launched new capabilities to allow our customers to mine their qualitative data streams for insight. We’re working hand-in-hand with our customers to use these insights to inform their internal product priorities, identify at-risk customers, and find revenue expansion opportunities.

Helping customers in this new way is a special milestone in Quala’s journey as a business. We felt it fitting that our whole brand should reflect the platform that Quala has become.

We wanted our brand to reflect the bold insights and the clear visibility that we are delivering for our customers.

So, we’ve made some big bold changes to the brand look-and-feel. See it in practice at www.quala.io or read on to learn more about why we did what we did.

Can’t Miss Colors

We wanted Quala’s color palette to be exciting and evocative – to draw out the deeply human emotions that only qualitative data can evoke.

Quala's new color palette

Our new color palette is big and bold: magenta, pink, orange, yellow, fuchsia, and purple. It’s warm, bright, and lively. It’s how we want our customers to feel when they work with Quala.

These new colors make a statement about revealing surprising insights from qualitative data; insights that we hope Quala’s frontline intelligence provides for our customers.

I-Can-Do-This Typeface

Data can be scary and feel unapproachable. Applying that data to take the right actions in the business can be even harder. At Quala, we’re working to make this a lot easier for frontline teams like Customer Success and the teams that listen for frontline feedback like Product.

We chose the Poppins typeface for Quala because it is approachable yet professional. It's clean, easy to read, and captures a human element that we're aiming for in our brand. In this choice of typeface, we are expressing the power of making complex ideas simple with every word we write.

Our Logo

We updated both the Quala logo and mark. Our logo symbolizes calm, focus, and simplicity. It has been stylized with our new Poppins font. The mark is a simple letter Q with an added concentric ring to represent focus. We added oomph up the logo mark to match the impactful stories that qualitative data can capture. We geek out on this because design matters.

Updated Quala logo

Designing for Space

Speaking of design, the Quala product has always centered on making it easy for our users to focus on the task at hand on every screen of our product. We minimize extraneous data, numbers, and text on every screen as much as possible.

You can see this in the calming whitespace of Quala’s product experience. The power is all under the hood; we don’t feel the need to rev the engine on every screen. This is how we put “easy-to-use” into practice.

We wanted to get this across on our website as well. We completely redesigned our website to create space and use bigger, clearer imagery. We want the big idea of frontline intelligence to be more easily digestible; this is going to be an ongoing effort!

Introducing the Quala Cascade

One of the coolest – but subtlest – innovations in our rebrand is our “Quala Cascade” graphic. It creates a whimsical connection to different aspects of Quala throughout our brand experience.

Quala cascade

The Quala Cascade is the bar imagery that you will see in most marquee design elements throughout Quala. We use this imagery to subtly get our point across.

For instance, on our homepage, we show a “chart” to represent data and insight. On our Product page, we’ve transformed the same element into a signal; Quala customers find the signal in multi-channel noise. On our About page, the same element mirrors DNA.You get the idea.


I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our customers who inspire us every day and to our design team for the vision that got Quala to our rebrand. Design is really important for how humans interact with technology. We wanted to make sure the Quala brand reflects who we are as a team and as a business.

So give the website a stroll if you haven’t already; we hope you love it as much as we do.