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Quala Roundup Check Out the New Quala: Boost Scalability, Interaction Quality

Dan Perrera Jun 22, 2021

The global economy is moving forward through a mix of uncertainty, optimism, and large-scale transformation. During this period of rapid change, one of the most impactful steps that every organization can take is to uncover new gains in their customer success programs. That process involves upleveling the quality of every human interaction — remember, every moment is a potential strategic advantage.

The Key Challenge to Navigate 👀

For far too long, according to an analysis published in Harvard Business Review, companies have fallen into a trap of “short-termism” that works against performance metrics such as lifetime value.

Meanwhile, researchers have found that companies “at the top of their industries in Net Promoter Scores or satisfaction rankings for three or more years—grow revenues roughly 2.5 times as fast as their industry peers and deliver two to five times the shareholder returns over the next 10 years.”

What’s more, leaders looking to improve customer lifetime value are met with complicated, bloated Customer Success Platforms making it difficult to create customer experiences that scale.

How We’re Solving the Problem 😎

At Quala, we’ve been heads down on ways to better bridge the gap between short-term and long-term performance within organizations. Our mission: create a user experience that improves the quality of every human interaction.

See it for yourself below. If you want to take a test drive of the platform (or would like a guided experience to unlock our capabilities), schedule a demo. You can also check out a quick, 4-minute video at the bottom of this post.

Here’s what we’re most excited to share with you:

Meet Quala: Your New Competitive Advantage 🚀

We are continually using our pooled customer data and aggregate-level view to (1) create a better functioning product and (2) take a calculated approach to accelerating customer success performance.

With this perspective, we’ve focused on the following:

  • Identifying signals from noise. How can on-the-ground customer success reps begin to wrap their minds around 6,000 or so customers? This question is critical to helping executives, managers, and solo contributors alike determine priorities and uncover hidden opportunities for impact.
  • Improving top-line conversations. To what extent are everyday conversations moving your customers’ business goals forward? Every customer interaction provides an opportunity for learning, forward progress, and growth. We’ve made it easier to better align these interactions with your customers’ high-level business objectives.
  • Identifying risk, sooner. What steps can customer success reps take to improve retention metrics? We’ve streamlined the ease and efficacy of responding to churn indicators. Reps can respond to customers in high-stakes times of need, faster.
  • Improving productivity. How can we reduce burnout rates among customer success leaders? While the answer to that question is complex, one solution is to reduce the cognitive overhead of everyday tasks. To support this, we’ve created a robust orchestration system for task management, delegation, and filters to facilitate prioritization.

To learn more about how Quala can help you create customer experiences that scale, contact us for a live walkthrough.