3 Tips from CS Leaders for Maintaining Relationships When It's Business Unusual
Sonciary Perez

Sonciary Perez

3 Tips from CS Leaders for Maintaining Relationships When It’s Business Unusual

We had our first-ever Customer Success Community Hour recently and the Quala team was blown away! Not only did 70+ CS leaders join us across the globe, but the chat was on fire!

Plus, with Alyce gifting superpowers — people were able to support their own local charities and communities by attending.

If you’re struggling to maintain relationships with customers when it’s not business as usual, here’s our community’s advice:

  1. Give First ⚡️
    Customer Success leaders have always operated with an empathy first mentality. Now is our time to shine — don’t just ask for something, give first!

  2. Everyone Owns Retention ⚡️ 
    Customer Success can empower Sales, Product, and Marketing teams to works towards our shared retention goals.

  3. Share Your Knowledge ⚡️
    We’re learning so much in our daily conversations with customers — find a sustainable way to make sure your insights are getting shared.

A special thank you to our discussion leaders Sean MacPherson Head of Customer Success at Alyce, Erica Ayotte VP of Customer Success at Privy, Robert Snyder Co-Founder of Syrg, and our very own Quala Co-Founder, Sonciary Honnoll!

Taking our own advice, we support our community in any way we can with a “give first” mentality. Here are two additional resources available to you:

  1. Customer Success Action Plan
    To help customers get the most out of your products — we wrote a simple Action Plan to help Customer Success teams reassess, reprioritize, and reconnect.

  2. Quala.io
    Itself remains a simple and valuable platform for you to take advantage of. Some of our most recent customers have onboarded in an effort to save time and budget and they’ve kicked off in a single day. For people on Quala, we make it super easy so you can focus on your business, not setting up systems.

Here’s a recording of our session. Feel free to share it with your team and if you’re struggling with helping customers get the most out of your products given current events — we’re happy to chat.


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