About Us

Quala is a Human First Customer Success Platform

We’ve set out to redefine what CS looks like in a world disconnected by first-generation technology. Many of us are stuck behind uninspiring spreadsheets and confusing data dashboards that champion noise over signal. But not anymore.

Our hero, the customer success leader, is bent on rescuing their company by harnessing the incredible power of human connection and wielding the Quala platform to better understand each and every customer.

Quala was born from our team’s personal experiences with customers. Over the last decade building and scaling Customer Success teams (and each owning a book of business ourselves), we learned that customer health scores are not just a quantitative measurement — they're so much more than that.

The best decisions for customer health are based on both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Customers get value out of your product and the relationship they have with Customer Success Managers. Both must be measured to determine true health.

We created Quala to do just that and much, much more.

Our human first approach enhances traditional data and metrics with qualitative information and puts the customer back in focus at the center of the conversation.

We’re passionate about creating simple and intelligent solutions that are rooted in human connections.