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Find more revenue opportunities with our customer growth platform for customer success teams.


“Quala is the perfect platform for scaling world-class customer success.”

– Nadya Collins, VP of Customer Success, Reprise

Crayon Case Study with Quala
quala customer Crayon

How Crayon Scales CS Workflows with Quala

Growth Indicators for Customer Success Managers.

We support companies that value best speed, but these businesses have a challenge: It’s not easy for them to find customer success software that matches their velocity. That’s why we’re here.

Your Essential Customer Growth Platform

Set Leading Indicators

Focus on only the most important quantitative and qualitative data sets.


Build Segments

Group customers by any criteria to create trackable cohorts.

Automate Workflows

Create workflows, generate tasks, and track activities at scale.

Normalize CSM Sentiment

Set ratings to standardize the qualitative insights coming from CSMs.

Operationalize Health

Watch changes in health and create workflows to automate insights.

Track Opportunities

Use Quala to track, flag, and task CSMs with customers poised to upgrade.

Integrate Your Tech Stack with Quala

Flexible and friendly — send your data (wherever it is) to directly to Quala for customer growth insights.

Most popular integrations include…
quala salesforce integration
quala segment integration
hubspot quala integration
gsuite quala integration