Customer Success For Humans

Quala combines customer assessment with simple usage data empowering teams to proactively engage customers — resulting in the clearest view of health.

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Quala makes it simple to understand the health of your customers:



Connect your app to Quala to track feature usage, active users, and more — without hiring an extra developer.

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With human assessment of how relationships are going, you’ll have a more accurate picture of customer health.

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See how events like price changes or new features affect customer behavior and sentiment.

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Product Analytics

Pull in any behavior data you’d like from your product and see it displayed by customer, summed up across all customers, and charted over time.


Assessment Data

Human assessment of how relationships are going to paint a more accurate picture of customer health.



See how events like pricing changes or new features affect customer sentiment and behavior.


Smart Health Scoring

Quala health scores integrate both assessment data and product analytics to give you a more accurate picture of customer health.


Salesforce Integration

Pull in accounts, contacts, and core information from Salesforce in just a few clicks.


Simple Set Up

Connect your app or Salesforce and see data in Quala in minutes — not months.


Lifecycle Management

Start with Quala’s default lifecycle stages or customize them. Move customers from one stage to another and see how all customers in a stage are trending.



Keep a log of important notes, meeting summaries, and more in the customer feed.


Task Management

See what you have to do right on each customer’s page. Use the sidebar to see what’s due across all customers.

“Customers get value out of our product and the relationship they have with our Customer Success Managers — Quala marries those together in a meaningful way to assess true health.”

Brendon Albrizio

VP of Customer Success at Crayon

“We’re finally able to systematically measure and monitor the health of our customer relationships.”

Aaron Holton

CEO, Tres Solutions

“Quala’s already making our weekly customer success reviews really fast and easy.”

Rob Snyder

COO and Co-Founder, SYRG

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Quala is everything you need to get a clearer picture of your customer’s health — backed by a team that’s invested in your success. Schedule a time to meet Quala's Co-Founder, Sonciary Honnoll for a platform tour to see for yourself.

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