Build your business on customer insight.

Quala quantifies what customers say, teams hear, and customers do to put customers at the center of your business.

What are your customers trying to tell you?

Quala makes sense of messy customer data to inform business decisions and trigger customer workflows. We call it frontline intelligence.


Customer Signals

Track customer conversations, team observations, and product use together to understand customer behavior and needs.


Insight Quantified

Inform product roadmaps, customer strategies and more by quantifying topic mentions in context of customer health and revenue.


Action Triggers

Trigger proactive customer workflows to better serve, retain, or upsell based on health scores, keyword mentions, and more.

“We are building our Customer Success practices on Quala to preserve our customer-first focus.”

– Daryl Colborne, Director of Customer Success, Zerto

Organized view of critical customer signals.

Quala uniquely tracks what customers are saying, what the team is observing, and what customers are doing in your product.

Integrations with top systems and our powerful API get contact, conversation, and product data in one place. Our Assessments organize frontline input to make it actionable.

No more insight lost in spreadsheets, CRM notes, or left to anecdote.

Measurable frontline insight to drive decisions.

Quala mines frontline data to quantify feature needs, issue prevalence, and more to inform product roadmaps and customer strategies.

Frontline data also powers health scores and other leading indicators to trigger fully-informed customer actions.

Now, you can address the drivers of conversion, retention, and revenue growth. And better serve individual customers.

Frontline insights
Proactive action

Data-backed proactive customer action.

Quala triggers best-practice workflows to focus teams on priority revenue opportunities.

Is the CSM reporting a new buyer transition? Has product usage changed?

Trigger workflows in Quala for onboarding, at-risk escalation, upsell and more so you execute the right way at the right time, every time.

With time-saving workflow templates, notifications, and email triggers, unlock speed that scales.

Crayon Case Study with Quala
quala customer Crayon

How Crayon scales CS workflows with Quala.

“There wasn’t anything else that so clearly fit our human-centric approach and our business needs like Quala.”

– Brendon Albrizio, VP of Customer Success, Crayon

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Frontline intelligence and customer data is a powerful combination to trigger the right actions for the right customers.


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