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Product discovery, driven by frontline intelligence.

Make customer-led product decisions faster.

Quala mines customer conversation data to quantify customer needs and provide always-on access to everything customers and frontline teams are talking about.

Discovery evidence

Measure how often use-cases, features, and more come up in every customer conversation in every channel, with revenue context.

Use-case verbatims

Pull customer verbatims and notes from Sales, Customer Success, and more from email, calls, tickets, CRM notes and more in one place.

Always listening

Get notifications whenever a topic of interest comes up in any customer conversation, survey, or field note in any channel.

With Quala, it takes me five seconds to validate an idea with real data, saving me $1000s of wasted time.

The automated evidence-machine for roadmap prioritization.

Quala gets teams aligned on product roadmap priorities by quantifying what customers are talking about in every call, email, ticket, and survey.

And what frontline teams such as Sales, Customer Success, and UX are observing in CRM, CSP, and interview notes.

All with customer revenue context so you can assess the value of everything you put into your product roadmap – and get stakeholders aligned.

Product discovery at hyperspeed.

With Quala, everyone on the team has every customer conversation that matters to product development at their fingertips.

Pull verbatims from every customer channel – calls, emails, even notes from frontline team members – with ease, all from one place.

Figure out what to build next. Or why customers aren’t using what you’ve already built.

Easily develop the details for use-cases and requirements docs, whether launching something new or expanding on something you’ve already launched.

It's time to hear the frontline.

  • Data that is qualitative.

    Quala makes messy data usable.

  • Buyers that expect more.

    Quala lets you anticipate their needs.

  • R&D as % of revenue.

    Quala de-risks product investment.

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