Customer Success. Unlocked.

The only Customer Success Platform powered by frontline intelligence.

Complete customer visibility
to drive the right actions for the right customers.

Quala uniquely combines intelligence from frontline teams with all of your customer data to trigger workflows so you can better serve, retain, and upsell.


Customer visibility

Customer data all in one place with frontline context for richer dashboards, health scores, and notifications.


Proactive actions

Workflows triggered by customer data and frontline insights to get ahead of priority customer opportunities or risks.


Must-have insight

Frontline input organized and normalized to make it measurable, actionable, and trackable over time.


CS love

Quala was founded by Customer Success leaders. Customers are family and we partner for joint success.

“Quala is the perfect platform for scaling world-class customer success.”

– Nadya Collins, VP of Customer Success, Reprise

Complete customer visibility for smarter work.

Quala gets your CRM and customer product-usage data in one dashboard. Quala then captures and organizes frontline insights to provide context to your data, giving you a more complete view of customers.

No more messy spreadsheets, complex CRM customizations, or lengthy integration projects.

Complete customer visibility powers smarter customer interactions, smarter health scores, smarter actions, and more.

Faster, proactive actions for the right customers.

Quala triggers best-practice workflows to focus teams on priority revenue opportunities.

Is the CSM reporting a new buyer transition? Has product usage changed?

Trigger workflows in Quala for onboarding, at-risk escalation, upsell and more so you execute the right way at the right time, every time.

With time-saving workflow templates, notifications, and email automations, unlock speed that scales.

Frontline insight is a must-have for business results.

Customer Success is where your business becomes human to your customers.

And it’s where customer-facing teams draw incredible insights into customers needs; likelihood to retain; interest in other products; and more.

Quala uniquely turns those insights into frontline intelligence so you never miss an opportunity or misread a data signal.

It’s why we built Quala.

By CS leaders.
For CS leaders.

Customer Success is what we love. It’s human. It’s results-driving. It’s messy.

So, we partner closely with you to drive joint success. Our customers even have direct Slack access to Quala’s Customer Success team.

We’ve made Quala easy too. Fast set-up. Beautiful design for daily use. Reporting for every team and every level. It feels right because we’ve been in your shoes.

Only Quala unlocks frontline intelligence to drive big results.

Say goodbye to critical customer insights locked in spreadsheets or CRM note fields.

1. Capture the right insights.

Quala’s Customer Assessments capture key inputs such as likelihood to retain, upsell interest, feature interest, and more.

2. Make frontline input actionable, fast.

Rating scales organize and normalize expert frontline feedback to drive health scores, workflow triggers, and more.

3. Eliminate false positives (or negatives).

Customer product usage data may not tell the whole story. Frontline input fixes that, giving context to customer data.

4. See the full story and track progress.

Frontline qualitative signals can now be benchmarked and trended over time. That eliminates blindspots and reveals more opportunities.

5. Manage customer success, completely.

Customer insights are now measurable, actionable, and trackable over time.

That’s frontline intelligence that unlocks big results for your team and your customers.

Crayon Case Study with Quala
quala customer Crayon

How Crayon scales CS workflows with Quala.

“There wasn’t anything else that so clearly fit our human-centric approach and our business needs like Quala.”

– Brendon Albrizio, VP of Customer Success, Crayon

Integrate your tech stack with Quala.

Flexible and friendly — send your data (wherever it is) directly to Quala for customer insights. Top systems integrate with one click.

Most popular integrations include…
quala salesforce integration
quala segment integration
hubspot quala integration
gsuite quala integration

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Frontline intelligence and customer data is a powerful combination to trigger the right actions for the right customers.


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